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So… I had an exam yesterday and wasn’t able to turn the PC on the whole day, I will try to summarize as much as I can from the page.

First: the CD "White Noise"

Special Bonuses: Limited quantities of Trading Cards (yeah, it says that) and depending the store there will be posters and clear…

Uragaeshi Heart

"Unresonable voice, papier mache’s breath
And frozen real feelings
seeming to be together. 

If you become immersed in intelligence, your existence will be forgiven.
With no personal history.
Like a machine, right? Strange, right? 

Rifle’s idealistic theory of
losing one’s place to go
It was left behind.
Ah, yeah.
You’ve seen all of it, right? 

Even upside down,
return the eye-catching marks
The program that has been possessed in the past,
such a lie…
From the beginning of the end, in a wave like surface,
the key

Stone-cold life, broken destiny
And evoked instinct
outstanding from the frame. 

If the gray was to die, it would be reflected in crimson.
Even the cheat is incomplete.
Who are you? Who am I? 

It’s the scent of death.
Take it out.
Tomorrow as well.
You say cry?
Laugh at it.
Hide the exceeding vicious behind it.

Upside down, but
still side-by-side with the ideal.

A program that seems like a dream,
so pathetic.

From the desperation, in breathtaking like word,
the shame 

Even upside down is okay,
if it is logical and essential.
The program that rewrites the world,
so broken.
From the self-abandonment, in an innocent ignorant surface,

… Distortion… 

Since it’s upside down,
turn over once again.

The trembling future is full of garbage.
How overflowing.

The last bet is in which one to entrust,
Since the darkness
will be protecting
the harmony.

Uragaeshi Heart - IA (Zips - Heisei project)
Translation JP-EN by 42Kurara

Heisei Cataclysm Novel - Cast & Prologue


Heisei Cacatlysm Master Post

◆ Anima and Animus Isolated →

So, I have never ever tried translating from japanese to english since both aren’t my mother languages, but for the sake of this project I’m gonna give my best. I will be adding the japanese text so if anyone knowledgeable finds any misstranslation can send me a message to fix it up as soon as I can.

Please, consider helping the project by buying the novel: [AmazonJP] [ebookJapan].

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"Weak carbonic acid syndrome" 

I have no idea what the title means but it’s a cute(?) comic 
I was asked to translate this on a fb page 

Original by : 

【IA】 ウラガエシハート 【オリジナル曲】 →


zips uploaded Uragaeshi Heart’s pv


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GUMI - Izanami Suppression Military History

+❘Heisei Project❘+

■Music: Zips (じっぷす)  twitter:@Zips3
mylist/24089942  @Not116
■Illustration: Heiwa (へいわ) @heiwaaaaaa


【編集部】「次世代ボカロ曲小説コンテスト」特設サイトでは、ビーズログ文庫から5月に発売の『ヘイセイカタクリズム』(原案:じっぷす著:けせらん ほかイラスト:藤野コウ ほか)の書影も公開♪最新情報も更新していきますのでお見逃しなく!!

Don’t really get the idea but,Heisei Project is getting a novel adaption! The novel is called Heisei Cataclysm,People involved are Zips,Keseran and the illustrator is 藤野コウ(Fujino Kou??) THE NOVEL WILL BE RELEASED IN MAY WHICH IS NEXT MONTH AHHHHHHHHHHHHH


Names for the Heisei Project characters have been uploaded to Pixiv by Nanase! (I’ll add them to the master post with kanji later.)

Heisei Snipers:
Tokido Haku
Mitsuoka Akari
Amemiya Lislette (Liz)
Kamise Kyou
Kuroda Sana
Yuzuki Fuyuto


Tokido Rei
Tokido Sakuhi